Boot Short Method to Unlock Any Latest Huawei Modem/Router of Algo V4

After noticing the tremendous unlocking trend and getting immense response from the service providers about unlocking of Huawei modems/ routers they provide at subsidized prices, Huawei has announced some change in software module of broadband internet devices that you can notice in almost all the modems/ routers released in 2016.

To revoke the unlocking of latest Huawei broadband devices that are offered by different operators worldwide, Huawei has officially changed the algorithm of its modem firmware from algo V1 auth to algo V4 auth and the version of these firmware usually start 21.3xx.xx. The auth V1 firmware are easy to change because to change them you just need to Generate Firmware Flash Code direct from device IMEI which is used as password while changing the firmware whereas, in case of latest firmware, you need DATALOCK Code also called OEM Code instead of password and the DATALOCK Code could not be generated direct from IMEI rather it requires change of device’s current firmware to its factory/ generic firmware and these firmware are of algo v1 auth.

Now the problem is that these latest firmware of algo V4 does not allow you to downgrade them to algo V1 firmware, hence they create error code 19 when we try to change them.

On the other hand, the operators that offer latest Huawei devices with old algo V1 auth firmware have got device firmware copyright with digital signature to protect their devices from unlocking, these devices also do not allow you to change firmware, hence create error code 12 or error code 13 or error code 19 when we try to change them.


On frequent request of our visitors/website users, we have decided to write this comprehensive guide to decode/ unlock such devices. With the help of this article you can unlock almost all latest Huawei devices with above mentioned reasons.

If your device has signed version firmware / newer version firmware, then it does not allow you to change it and gives error code 19 while flashing the device, then you have to short the boot point of motherboard also called Jumper method / Jtag method/ Needle unlocking method. There are two different approaches to get these devices unlock i.e. Factory Firmware Recovery Method and Emergency Firmware Recovery Method, both methods are being explained here under:

Unbrick/ Repair/ Unlock Any Latest Huawei Modem with Boot Shot Method

In these articles, we will guide you on repair/ unlock any latest model of Huawei modem/ router with boot-short method including E3370h, E3372h, E5351s, E5573s, E5577s, E5578s, E5770s, E5771s, E8372h, E8377s, Vodafone R216, Vodafone R226, etc. and other modems released in 2016.

  1. Emergency Firmware Recovery Method (Using Normal USBLoader.bin File)
  2. Factory Firmware Recovery Method (Using Uldr OEM NCK/ USBSafeLoader.Bin File)

Hint: It is recommended to use USB safeloader.bin if available for your and is compatible with your device current firmware.

Note: Do at your own risk, a minor mistakes may lead your device to death. Read complete article carefully then do, if you can do.

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