The Best Way to Unlock Windows 7 Computer

The Best Way to Unlock Windows 7 Computer

So, the unspeakable thing has happened today when you tried to turn on your computer and realized that you forgot the login password. You may have already tried all the passwords you could remember from your pet name to the most used password combinations but nothing seems to work. This can be really very bothersome if your computer has important documents and information that you need to use immediately.

Now, you might think to re-install Windows to remove the password from your welcome screen but the real truth is, formatting computer will cause more damage as it will delete all the files and documents from your primary disk. So, what to do now?

What if we told that we found some solution that can completely remove the password from your Windows 7 welcome screen without re-installing operating system and without losing any files or folders? Sounds pretty unrealistic, right? But, it is indeed true and in this tutorial, we would like to share these tricks with you guys so that you can remove Windows 7 login password and gain access to your computer normally.

Method #1: Unlock Windows 7 Login Password Using Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a free and open-source Windows password recovery program that is used to reset computer password. It uses a fancy GUI in the latest version so that you don’t have to enter any command lines and use the program normally. But Ophcrack can only crack simple passwords that are less than 8 characters. If you are using a complex password then skip to the next part.

Step 1. Go to its official website and download Ophcrack Live CD for Windows 7 on a computer.
Step 2. Insert a CD into the computer and burn the ISO image files to the disk.
Step 3. Next, insert CD on the locked computer and wait until Ophcrack program is loaded on the screen.
Step 4. Choose Ophcrack Graphic Mode from the menu options and press Enter to load the program.

Step 5. Next, select the driver partition where you have installed the operating system and wait for the program to recover your password.

Step 6. The password recovery process may take few minutes depending on how much RAM is installed on your computer.
Step 7. Once the password is recovered, it will show you on the main interface of the program. You can write down the password on a piece of paper and use it to enter into your PC again.

1. Only works with simple passwords (Less than 8 characters)
2. Very slow program. Takes almost half an hour to 45 minutes to crack a simple password.
3. Doesn’t work with the latest version of Windows computers.

Method #2: Unlock Windows 7 Login Password with UUkeys

If you had no luck with Ophcrack, then UUkeys Windows Password Mate is another great option, which is a popular Windows password recovery tool in 2017. It is quite easy to use and takes only a few minutes to completely unlock Windows 7 password from login screen. It works with all the versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and XP and so on. It is assured that no data loss occur from using this program and you will be able to access your computer just like before you got locked out. You can use UUkeys to remove password from both local and Administrator accounts. Let us demonstrate how to use this program so that you can understand this better.

1. A working accessible computer with administrator privileges.
2. An empty USB flash drive or CD/DVD ( 1GB storage recommended)
3. UUkeys program

Step 1. Download UUkeys program from the official website and install it on a working computer.
Step 2. Insert a blank USB flash drive on the computer and wait until the program recognizes your flash drive.
Step 3. Launch UUkeys program and choose the name of your flash drive from the drop-down menu and click on “Burn USB”.

Step 4. Wait until the files are successfully burned on your USB flash drive. Once it is completed, you should be able to see the following message:
Step 5. Eject the flash drive and insert it on the locked computer.
Step 6. Reboot the computer and wait until the UUkeys program is loaded automatically on the startup screen.
Step 7. From here, you will have to select the operating system (Windows 7) and the locked username followed by clicking on “Reset Password”.

Step 8. Wait until the operation is finished and finally click on “Reboot”.
Step 9. Congratulations! You may now enter into your PC normally without entering any password.

Ophcrack is the best option for simple password cracking. And it is free. UUkeys Windows Password Mate is well-known for removing password from any kind of Windows computer. It has successfully reset password from all types of computers including Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony and other 2000+ computer brands. Rest assured that no data or document will be modified using this program, you should be able to access your computer normally just like the way you left it before getting locked out. Hopefully you guys found this article helpful and will share it with your friends and families.