Boot Short Method Using USBSAFELOADER.BIN – Unlock Code 100% Working with Any Huawei Modem/Router of Algo V4

Factory Firmware Recovery Method (Using Uldr OEM NCK/ USBSafeLoader.Bin File)

In this method when you boot short a device and flash it with USBsafeloader.bin file, it will accept downgrade/factory firmware without creating any error and its NV data will be safe. The NV data will not be erased and after getting your device in download mode you can easily execute NV hash commands to get unlock code/datalock code for your device. After getting the hash codes from your device, you can easily flash upgrade/normal firmware of your choice to restore your device in normal working condition.

This method is very useful in this sense, there is no need to flash dashboard/ WebUI, no need to repair/ write/ restore IMEI , no need to correct serial number and also no need to write WIFI hotspot connection information on your device.

Note: This method will not work on all devices, If it works on your device then you are a luck one, usually it works with devices having signed firmware but version below 21.300.xx.xx.

Important: Bin file and Boot Point Schematic Diagram for every model is separate, look into Download Section of our website and download respective file of your model.

How to shot the board of Huawei E5573s router?

Download the required Software Tools and put in a single folder, like Latest Huawei Drivers/ Mobile Partner, DC-Unlocker, Putty Universal, Balong USB Downloader, BOS Registry Solution, Motherboard Schematic Diagram (boot point marked), USBSafeloader.bin or USBloader.bin file, WebUIDowngrade Firmware, Upgrade Firmware for your device model, etc.

Proceed with Boot Short Method and Unlocking

1. Run DC-Unlocker and click on Magnifying Glass (1). It will detect your device with Application & Diagnostic Ports of your modem and will show complete detail of your device. Copy this complete information (2) in Notepad file or somewhere else safe place becasue we will need to restore it back.

huawei-e5573s-complete-information-in-dc-unlocker2. Unscrew the device and Dismantle it to take its motherboard on face. Battery should be inside the device, but don’t switch it ON.

huawei-e5573-boot-short-pint3. Now, touch the boot point (1) with charging point ground (2) on the motherboard as marked Black points in above image with the help of any metal tweezer or short wire as shown in below image.

boot-short-wire-and-usb-cable4. Keep touching the short points, now plug in your device through USB cable into PC’s USB port (some devices support short boot point with ground after device plugin).

Hint: In case of Dongle or Wingle, to plugin your device in PC, it is recommended to use USB link cable of good quality, as shown in image above.

5. After device plugin, it will produce a tanan sound, now just remove the metal / short wire from the board.

6. Check for drivers in Computer Management, if Huawei port is getting Yellow mark, means drivers are not installed properly then install drivers or install Huawei mobile partner it will automatically install drivers, if not then after installation of drives you need to restart the PC.

Huawei Hilink modem switch to COM Ports Mode

7. Once drivers successfully updated, the COM port will be visible in device manager as 3G PCUI Interface [BOOT_3G] and the device will start blinking.

huawei-pc-ui-boot_3g-com-ports-installtion8. Now run Balong USB Downloader and click on Detect (1) device, it will automatically detect the COM port as BOOT_3G. Now click on File Loader Option (2) and select downloaded usbsafe-xxxx.bin file from the folder and click on Load (3).


Note: If the balong tool hangs up, then wait, don’t force close it.

9. Once progress bar is full then close the balong tool, your PC will again beep and your PC will start installing drivers and in device manager one more COM port will be activated.

Huawei Hilink modem switch to COM Ports Mode

If everything goes fine then your device is loaded with universal boot file successfully and all the restrictions have been removed and there will be no more Error code 19 while changing firmware.

Note: If you are getting “Error Code 10: Find port failed” while installing firmware then install BOS Solution by double click on registry file and restart your computer.

10. Now, install downgrade firmware ( or above version which is available for your device).

Now you need to have your modem’s NVRAM data which is required to get datalock code and unlock code by executing these two AT-commands:

AT^NVRDEX=50502,0,128 (is used to get your modem’s NVRAM data for DATALOCK CODE calculation)


AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 (is used to get your modem’s NVRAM data for UNLOCK CODE calculation)


11. After this, now you will need to fill Data Submission Form to get datalock code/ unlock code. After you fill all fields, press “Submit” button. Upon successful submission you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

12. Now install Upgrade/Universal Firmware ( or above version which is available for your device). Its the time, your device is ready to accept unlock code.

13. Then after few minutes/hours you will receive an email from containing DATALOCK Code and Unlock Code/ NCK for your device.

14. Now, enter received Unlock Code/ NCK into device (via web-interface), click apply and enjoy.


Congratulations! Now it’s free!. It can accept any sim cards from any Mobile Carrier Worldwide.

Attention: You can send comments and Suggestions to improvement unlocking complication here, it will be appreciated.

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