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  1. Information pages placed on unlock4modems.com (hereinafter website) intended for the free access of users to the issues that may be interested in them, including those relating to the unlocking of mobile phones & internet gadgets, as well as testing their work in networks of various mobile operators.
  2. All information is available in its original form, with no guarantees of completeness or timeliness, and without any other express or implied warranty. Access to the Site and use of its Contents, is at your discretion and at your own risk.
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  7. Administration takes reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy, relevance and legitimacy of the Content, but it does not accept responsibility for the actions of individuals or organizations directly or otherwise carried out on the basis of the information available on the Site or received through it as provided by the Administration, and the third persons.
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  10. Reading, distribution or modification of the information posted on this site may violate the laws of the country in which you are viewing this site.
  11. If, in accordance with the applicable laws of any of the terms will be declared invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
  12. The site gives the user access to various information, while not excluding the provision of fee-based information services. Under the information service, in this case the user is providing online access to a particular text information.
  13. Unlock codes, the user can purchase / receive on the Site, as well as on the resources that are referenced site is text information and are not a technology or its description, a technical device or component.
  14. Unlocking the device by entering the unlock code is a standard option provided by the device manufacturer (franchisor) and an interference with the normal operation of the device, and is not intended to use is not provided by the device manufacturer technologies, software, or any other means.
  15. You agree that any information contained on the Site, as well as any related projects, will be used by them solely for informational purposes, not contradicting the current legislation of the country where the user intends to use the information. Possible use obtained on the Site and / or related projects, unlock codes, as well as other information, is provided for testing only, with reference provided by the device vendor technical possibility of using it in the networks of other mobile operators. In all other cases, the User agrees to renounce the use of information provided on the site.
  16. By using this site, you agree to the “Disclaimer” and established rules and take all the responsibility, which can be assigned to you. Administration of the Site at any time have the right to make changes to the rules, which take effect immediately. Continued use of the Site after changes constitutes your agreement to automatically enforce the new rules.