Free Unlock Huawei B310s-927 CPE Cat.4 LTE Router Instructions and Guide

[sociallocker id=3487]Huawei has launched B310, It is available with its variant models. It is being offered through different operators worldwide like Airtel carrier in Africa and India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Its sub model B310s-927 has successfully been unlocked and we are sharing its procedure and we hope it will be same for other countries routers too.

Huawei B310 Lte Cpe 4g Router

The procedure are risky and any mistake make your device dead, so be careful while unlocking.

Arrange one USB 2.0 cable; if not then you can also use cut wire of mouse or keyboard. Dismantle the Huawei B310s-927 and soldier wires as shown in below image. Solder the cables of opposite side of USB 2.0 port to motherboard of the device.


Insert unsupported operator’s SIM card into router (For example if it’s locked to operator “A” insert operator’s “B” sim), then turn it on and connect to PC via USB cable. Locate router adapter in Network Connections, right click on it and select “Disable” to avoid connection errors

Disable lan of B310s-927

Note : Don’t make any mistake. Use corresponding cable to solder with board as shown in above image.

If you have successfully done above steps then you are now ready for proceeding with next step.

How to unlock Huawei B310s-927 CPE Cat.4 LTE router?

1. Connect to PC with USB cable.

2. Download DC unlocker.

3. Download Huawei Mobile Partner.

4. Install Huawei mobile partner in Windows PC.

5. The third step is to collect your router’s information and start unlocking process

Before detection and unlocking of router check device manager if it is installed correctly. Router should be visible under Modems and Ports sections, only then proceed further.

Right Click on My Computer Icon => Manage => Device Manager, in Ports (COM & LPT) Section you must see COM Ports, such as 3G– Application Interface (COM31) and 3G– PC UI Interface (COM32). If it isn’t visible under mentioned sections drivers might be missing.

Free Unlock Huawei B310s-927 CPE Cat.4 LTE Router Instructions and Guide

6. Run DC-unlocker client software and detect B310s-927 under it.

Detect device by selecting Huawei modems from manufacturers drop down menu list, then click magnifying glass button

Huawei modem detect

Wait till program detects it

Free Unlock Huawei B310s-927 CPE Cat.4 LTE Router Instructions and Guide

7. Get Huawei Code Reader 2015 software and launch it. To extract IMEI and Hash 1 & Hash 2 data from your device, you need to perform a few simple steps and Follow Guidelines:

Green Circle 1
– COM Port, Select Auto Detect or 3G – PC UI Interface (COM32) from the list

Green Circle 2 – Press “Read Data” button.

Green Circle 3 – If all appears correct, you will receive values in Hash 1 & Hash 2 fields and detail of your device in log window. All other things explained in figure are for information only, don’t be confused.

Take a Screenshot of Huawei Code Reader like this:

Huawei code reader 2015 with Hash

Note: This is very important, copy the values of Hash 1 & Hash 2 separately and detail of your device from log window in a notepad file and remember to save it.

8. After this, now you need to fill Data Submission Form as shown below. After you fill all fields, press “Submit” button, after it, you will receive a confirmation email. Your submitted data will be converted into unlock code and after receiving the payment it will be emailed back.

Huawei Algo V4 Data Submisson Form

After few minutes/hours you will receive an email from containing Unlock Code / NCK (Network Control Key) for your device.

Enter received Unlock Code / NCK into device (via web-interface), click apply and enjoy.


Now it’s free!. It can accept any sim cards from any Mobile Carrier Worldwide.

Note: Unlock / NCK / SIMLock code is not free. It’s charge is only 6 USD. You can pay through paypal in id of this site. Unlock Code will be sent within a few mints/hrs.[/sociallocker]