How to Flash Firmware on Huawei B310 CPE Router

[sociallocker id=3487]Huawei has recently released flagship router, the B310. This is a upgraded CPE router and unlocking is possible but with totally different method, its sub-models B310As-852, B310s-22, B310s-927 are available, but these routers come with un-customized firmware and can be unlocked easily. But, what if your device has customized firmware and does not ask for unlock / SIMLock code.

Normal firmware change procedure does not work with B310 Huawei. You have to dismantle the device, then further it is possible.

After dismantling the device, arrange one USB 2.0 cable; if not then you can also use cut wire of mouse or keyboard. Dismantle the Huawei B310s-927 and soldier wires as shown in below image. Solder the cables of opposite side of USB 2.0 port to motherboard of the device.

solder wires of Huawei B

Note : Any wrong connection will make your device dead.

How to change the firmware of Huawei B310 CPE router?

1. Download the appropriate firmware from the below link.

2. Download Multicast Upgrade Tool For Huawei LAN Port Routers.

3. Reset the router and solder the wires as in above image.

4. Now, connect to PC with USB cable.

5. Switch the device ON.

6. Install Huawei Mobile Partner in PC or Install Huawei Drivers for Huawei Router B310 & B315.

7. Now detect the device under DC unlocker.

8. At the end of the result paste the following:


press enter from keyboard.

Note: It will put modem / router in factory mode.

9. Now issue command:


Note: It will reset the device.

Note: You can also issue the command AT^GODLOAD to put device in download mode.

10. Now plug the LAN cable to PC.

11. Assign static IP address to the router.

Assigning the IP address12. Unzip the downloaded file in a folder.

13. Run multicast tool, which you have already downloaded in step 2.

14. Click on refresh to refresh the network card list, and then select the network card whose IP address is (or whatever you have assigned).

Huawei E Upgrade Tool15. Click Open.

16. Select the upgrade file is displayed. Select the upgrade package B310*.bin, and then click Open.

17. Click Start to start sending multicast packets.

18. After the successful upgrade is complete, all the five signal indicators will be ON on the router.

19. Click Stop to stop sending multicast packets.

20. Close the firmware upgrade multicast tool.

21. Power off the HUB, disconnect soldered cable, and enjoy the B310 CPE Router.

Some firmware are the following:

Download Huawei B310s-927 Firmware Update 21.300.01.00.00 (Universal)

Download Firmware Huawei B310s-927 Update 21.311.03.01.1228 (Oman)

Download Firmware Huawei B310s-22 Update 21.311.03.00.00 (Universal)

Download Huawei B310s-22 and B315s-22 Firmware Update 21.311.03.00.264 (Generic)

Download Firmware Huawei B310s-22 Update 21.311.05.00.00 (Universal)

Download Huawei B310s-22 and B315s-22 Firmware Update 21.313.05.00.00 (Universal) [/sociallocker]