How to Bypass DATALOCK Code While Updating Firmware of Huawei Algo V4 Modem

In our previous posts, we have shared different knowledge base articles in which you have learnt how to restore your bricked Huawei modems and make them functional . We here just want to give you its overview to refresh your technical knowledge:

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Okay, now lets proceed to the next article how to bypass DATALOCK Code.

Huawei-firmware-updater-datalock-code-Why the need to bypass DATALOCK Code arise?

It’s need arise because unfortunately, uptill now there is no method available for direct datalock code calculation from IMEI. And majority of the latest firmware versions of Huawei Algo V4 modems that are based on Authorization V4 are required to enter datalock code while upgrade / downgrade them instead of firmware password  as it is supported in all previously available firmware.

The devices with firmware based on algorithm v4 does not allow you to change its firmware without datalock code because firmware code has been obsolete in these firmware.

It has created a big trouble because direct calculation from IMEI both for Datalock Code and Huawei Algo V4 Unlock Code  is also not possible without getting the device in USB mode / download mode which is only possible by flashing the device with its generic firmware (

How to Bypass DATALOCK CODE Screen While Updating firmware of Huawei Modems?

1. First of all connect Modem / Router to your PC using USB cable.

2. Then check in device manager your modem’s PC-UI COM Port is available.

Note I: If the connected modem is Hilink, then run DC-Unlocker as Administrator and click on Magnifying Glass to detect modem. It will switch device COM port.

3. If COM ports are not available or marked as unknown device with yellow color then you are missing drivers. For drivers, install the latest Huawei mobile partner in PC or alternately follow these steps to enable COM ports:

  • Connect your device directly to PC’s USB port, so that you can access web-interface via If not accessible then connect trough wifi while remain connected to PC via USB port. ===>
  • If Huawei COM Port drivers are not already installed in your computer then install FcSerial Drivers  
    Now open web-interface via and run Switch Mode Application / script to get your device in COM ports mode and in this process, COM ports will be enabled.

4. Now, run DC-Unlocker and click on Magnifying Glass. It will detect your device with Application & Diagnostic Ports of your modem and will show complete detail of your device.

DC-unlocker-unlocking-E8372-with-complete-device-information and correct Serial Number restored4. Now type the following AT-command and to execute it press enter from keyboard:


5. Now, the device will start blinking its indicators / lights, means it is now in USB modem / download mode.

Now you have successfully bypass the datalock code screen and your modem is free to upgrade / downgrade with any compatible firmware.

After getting the device in download mode and flashing the generic firmware (, now you can have your modem’s NVRAM data which is required to get datalock code and unlock code by executing these two AT-commands:

AT^NVRDEX=50502,0,128                   (is used to get your modem’s NVRAM data for DATALOCK CODE calculation)

AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128                   (is used to get your modem’s NVRAM data for UNLOCK CODE calculation)

E8372-with-complete-device-information but IMEI missing

Different people use different methods to read NV records of the modems, some people execute these AT-commands direct in terminal software like Dc-UnlockerHuawei Modem Terminal, CID-Reader By Dawood1208 & Putty Universal Modem Terminal and other use graphical interface like Huawei Code Reader.

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