Very Soon Facebook Will Let You Send Happy Birthday Video Messages

Right now Facebook reminds you when there is a friend’s birthday. Usually what happens then is that most people will just write a congratulatory message, or maybe even attach a photo if they’re close enough. However Facebook is upping the birthday game by announcing a new feature that lets users send happy birthday video messages.

Facebook Happy Birthday Video Messages

Attaching a video to a post on your friend’s wall isn’t that hard, so in this case what Facebook has done is that they’ve allowed users to edit their videos to give it a birthday theme. It will allow users to record up to 15 seconds and share it to your friend’s timeline. At the moment the feature is only available for Facebook users on iOS, but the feature will be made available on Android devices in the coming months.

In order to craft a video, all you’d have to do is visit the profile of the friend whose birthday it is, select the banner video prompt, and choose the option to record a video. Note that this is only available via the iOS app, so if you’re surfing Facebook from the desktop or an Android smartphone, you won’t be able to access this feature.

It’s an interesting idea and given that it will start rolling out to users on Monday, we reckon that you can expect to start seeing a lot more video wishes on your wall, assuming your birthday hasn’t passed already.