How to Unbrick Software Corrupted USB Modem with Mobile Doctor

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How to unbrick software corrupted USB modem – Most of the peoples were using the Huawei USB modems for the internet connection for their handy purpose. But in most of the cases peoples were purchasing the devices from the network providers like airtel, aircel , Vodafone,  idea,  mascom , orange, 3network, telusia, telia, bayous, glo, telus, tigo, MTN,  be mobile,  sfr, virgin, O2, telastra, Softbank, etc.
Those Huawei usb modems will be coming with their desired network that is from the corresponding network. The service provider will lock the modem with their simcard and to be able to use only with their network services. Most of the people will find that their current network charging them higher than others when do comparing. If you try to use other network simcards you willget error notification that current simcard is not valid. So the people will try to unlock their modem using the different unlocking softwares that is available in internet as freeware or paid. When trying to unlock the modems may get corrupted because of too many tries and invalid methods that will brick the modem and it’s software.
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Possible issues for bricking while unlocking or downgrading or upgrading modem using firmware :

Drivers Lost when upgrading software or firmware
Drivers Lost when downgrading software or firmware
Software bricked after downgrade
Why it happens?
This happens always because of not understanding the procedures given by the author.

How to unbrick if modem is bricked?

For that you need two softwares :
1. Drivers.
2. Huawei modem Repair tool / software.
Download both from the below link.

Steps to unbrick the software bricked modem:

1.       Remove your usb modem from computer If plugged.
2.       Install the driver given below in your computer.
3.       Now connect your modem to the computer.
4.       It will detect the drivers and open’s the installed dashboard.
5.       Close the dashboard.
6.       Now run the Huawei repair software.
7.       It will detect your modem automatically and produce reports with red notifications.


8.       Click on repair button and wait for few minutes.
9.       After successful repair you will be notified with green notifications.


10.   Now update your dashboard to the modem and enjoy the modem repaired.