How to Reset Unlock Counter of Huawei Modems

It is a big dilemma of our destiny that to save a very small & nominal amount of money, we take risk about our internet modems to get them unlock with free codes, for the purpose we try to search free unlock code generators / calculators over the internet and get some codes, sometime we get success but most of the time they do not work because of unsuitability or our low knowledge and ultimately we exhaust unlocking attempts of our modems to get them unlock. Sometime, unluckily we get a modem which comes with default 0 unlocking counter or attempts.

Unlock counter resetMost of the time, it become a very troublesome situation for us to get them unlock because we have already wasted our chances of success.

Don’t worry, in this article we will try to guide you in this regard and try to resolve your issue. You just need to change its default SIM with some unaccepted SIM and follow these step-by-step instructions (this method may not work with modems with latest algorithm):

Method – 1 (For Huawei Algo V1 and HUAWEI ALGO V2 Modems)

  1. Get your Unlock Code/NCK corresponding with your IMEI (NCK is not free, you can buy from here if you don not already have but first email us regarding your problem).
  2. Generate md5 hash of your NCK, you can get it free from here just put your NCK and Generate md5 hash
  3. Now disconnect from the internet, if internet is connected and close the WebUI / Dashboard / software of the modem.
  4. Now open the task manager look into services tab “HWDeviceService.exe” and right click on that and kill the process tree.
  5. Then go to DC-Unlocker click on search and detect your modem and then type this command AT^CARDUNLOCK=”md5 hash” (with quotes)

For Example My NCK is 96387456 and md5 has is “3e9e45f2401dc32e3e4a7ce8495cf1e4”

Command would be like this and would be used in DC-unlocker


This string will reset the counter attempts, as you can see in picture below:

Unlock after counter reset

Note: If you are unable to detect your modem in in dc-unlocker, first install Huawei drivers and then insert modem  into your PC USB port and let it install all the drivers which is required by modem.


If the above method did not work for your modem, then you can try these commands in dc-unlocker
at^datalock=”unlock code” (with quotes)
at^maxlcktms=10 (without quotes)

It will reset the counter of your modem, to confirm its result, click again on search in dc-unlocker and it will be 10 remaining attempts there.

DC unlocker unlocking E with complete device information

METHOD – 3 (FOR HUAWEI MODEMS comes with default zero counter)

If you have received a modem with default 0 counter then its counter could be restored by simply flashing it with a universal firmware.

  1. You can get universal firmware for your modem from Download section of our website.
  2. To update/flash this firmware file you will need a Password, to get it free and instantly, you can use this Online Firmware Flash Code Calculator

It will reset the counter of your modem, to confirm its result, click again on search in dc-unlocker and it will be 10 remaining attempts there or you can confirm it from WebUI or Dashboard of your modem.

METHOD – 4 (Direct Unlock FOR All HUAWEI MODEMS with zero counter)

If above all methods fail to restore your unlocking hope, then don’t worry there is a green signal still available yes that is the DC-Unlocker direct unlocking method

  1. If you are getting error code like “Error 42 or 40” then your modem is permanently locked and forget about its counter reset. Now it can only be unlocked with direct unlock method by dc-unlocker
  2. Buy Dc Unlocker Credits from Dc Unlocker Website and unlock your modem (after buying credits you will received user name & Password)
  3. You can use this login information to direct unlock your modem (also unlock zero counter modems)

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