Huawei New Algo V4 Unlock Codes 100% Working on Supported Modems

Huawei latest internet devices can not be unlocked by just putting unlock code, like previous models of Huawei internet modems and routers manufactured till 2014. Hence, the unlock codes of Algorithm v1, v2, v3 (201) are useless in these devices. These devices come up with a new & different version of algorithm i.e. Algo V4 (2015). Unfortunately, at present there is no direct unlock method and/or direct calculation of this algorithm is available. Hence, to get unlock code for these devices, there is a complete process and after that you are able to run any SIM card on it.[/vc_column_text]


This unlock code works well on almost all Huawei latest internet devices (including Dongles, Wingles, Mobile Wifi Hotspots Routers, Mifi Clouds, CPE Wireless Gateway Routers, etc.) locked with any network worldwide. Huawei Modems and Routers supported Auth V4 Unlock Code are listed below:



  • Huawei B310s (B310As-852, B310s-22, B310s-518, B310s-925, B310s-927)
  • Huawei B315s (B315s-22, B315s-607, B315s-608, B315s-936),
  • Huawei E3370h,
  • Huawei E3372h (MTS 827F, MTS 829F, Megafon M150-2, E3372h-153, E3372h-210, E3372h-510, E3372h-603, E3372h-607),
  • Huawei E5351s-2,
  • Huawei E8372h (MTS 8211F, E8372h-153, E8372h-510, E8372h-511, E8372h-607, E8372h-608, E8372h-927),
  • Huawei E8377s-153,
  • Huawei E5573Bs (E5573Bs-320 (Vodafone R216)),
  • Huawei E5573Cs (E5573Cs-322, E5573Cs-323, E5573cs-603, E5573Cs-609, E5573Cs-931),
  • Huawei E5573s (E5573s-156 (MTS 8210FT), E5573s-320, E5573s-508, E5573s-606, E5573s-607, E5573s-609, E5573s-806, E5573s-852, E5573s-853, E5573s-856),
  • Huawei E5575s (E5575s-210, E5575S-302, E5575S-320),
  • Huawei E5577 (E5577Cs-321, E5577s-321, E5577Cs-603, E5577s-603, E5577s-932),
  • Huawei E5578s-932,
  • Huawei E5770 (E5770s-320, E5770s-923),
  • Huawei E5771 (E5771s-852),
  • Huawei E5786 (Vodafone R226)
  • and other modems released between 2015-16.

How to Unlock Huawei New Algorithm V4 Devices

In order to get unlock code and to unlock these Huawei modems & Routers, we will need to read some data from the device i.e. IMEI, Hash 1 & Hash 2 and Encrypted Block. For getting the required said data from device, you have to perform a few simple steps.

Special Attention: Unlocking procedure of Huawei B310s and B315s are slightly different and its links are given below:

How to Unlock Huawei B310s CPE Wireless Gateway Router
How to Unlock Huawei B315s CPE Wireless Gateway Router

Download the required Software Tools and put in a single folder, like FcSerialDrv.zipLatest Huawei Drivers/ Mobile Partner, DC-UnlockerDowngrade Firmware, Upgrade Firmware for your device model, etc.

Now you have option to choose one of the following two alternate methods that are explained with complete instructions and step-by-step guides.

Method -1 (Using Huawei Code Reader)

To complete Unlocking Process follow instruction and guidelines mentioned below:

1. In the first step get the Firmware Flash Code by just entering IMEI of your device, it will be used as password while changing the firmware in step #3.

2. Install Huawei serial COM ports drivers or install Huawei Mobile Partner.

3. Now connect your device directly in USB port of your PC and install Universal Downgrade Firmware (21.110.–.–.— or above version which is available for your device). It will ask for password, just put Flash Code from step #1

Note: Before you flash firmware– check and note current firmware version

4. After completion of firmware flash, wait for few seconds and check list of available COM Ports appear in Device Manager

Right Click on My Computer Icon => Manage => Device Manager, in Ports (COM & LPT) Section you must see COM Ports, such as FC – Application Interface (COM25) and FC – PC UI Interface (COM26). If you don’t see, then install the drivers from the step 2 and restart your computer.

Huawei COM Ports Enable

5. Get Huawei Code Reader 2015 software and launch it. To extract IMEI and Hash 1 & Hash 2 data from your device, you need to perform a few simple steps and Follow Guidelines:

Green Circle
  COM Port, Select Auto Detect  or FC – PC UI Interface (COM26) from the list

Green Circle 2 – Press “Read Data” button

Green Circle 3 – If all appears correct, you will receive values in Hash 1 & Hash 2 fields and detail of your device in log window. All other things explained in figure are for information only, don’t be confused.

Note: This is very important, double click in Hash 1 & Hash 2 fields separately, values will be selected and then copy them by right click of mouse or Ctrl+C from keyboard and other detail of your device from log window in a notepad file and remember to save it.

Take a Screenshot of Huawei Code Reader like this:

Huawei code reader 2015 with Hash

6. After this, now you need to fill Data Submission Form as shown below. After you fill all fields, press “Submit” button, after it, you will receive a confirmation email.

Huawei Algo V4 Data Submisson Form

7. & 8. steps to complete unlocking process are given below.


  1. * Make sure you have Power Backup to complete the flashing process, if power failure during flashing, your device may be bricked/damaged.
  2. * If you are getting “Error Code 10: Find port failed” while installing firmware then install BOS Solution by double click on registry file and restart your computer.
  3. * While changing firmware, if your device is creating error code: 13, error code: 17, error code: 19, etc. then use this alternate unlocking method Boot Short Method to Unlock Any Latest Huawei Modem/Router of Algo V4.
  4. * Check that with non-accepted SIM your device prompts for enter SIMLOCK CODE in web-interface and also you  have some remaining attempts left. If device is not prompting for SIMLOCK Code then detect it in dc-unlocker by clicking on Magnifying Glass and mention it in message.

Method -2 (Using DC-Unlocker)

To complete Unlocking Process follow instruction and guidelines mentioned below:

1.  is same as in above method -1

2. step may or may not required in this method.

3. is same as in above method -1

4. step may or may not required in this method.

5. Now you need to have your modem’s NVRAM data which is required to get datalock code and unlock code by executing these two AT-commands:

AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 (is used to get your modem’s NVRAM data for UNLOCK CODE calculation)


AT^NVRDEX=50502,0,128 (is used to get your modem’s NVRAM data for DATALOCK CODE calculation)


6. After this, now you will need to fill Data Submission Form to get unlock code/ datalock code. After you fill all fields, press “Submit” button. Upon successful submission you will immediately receive a confirmation email.


After few minutes/hours you will receive an email from containing Unlock Code/ NCK (Network Control Key) and OEM/ DATALOCK Code (Optional) for your device.

7. Now Download & install Universal Upgrade Firmware (21.180.–.–.— or above version which is available for your device) and flash it. Its the time, your device is ready to accept unlock code.

8. Enter received Unlock Code / NCK into device (via web-interface), click apply and enjoy.


Congratulations! Now it’s free!. It can accept any sim cards from any Mobile Carrier Worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to back port mode to NDIS mode to enter NCK? I done all thing but after getting IMEI encrypted data modem is still in port mode.

Try to disconnect device from PC and connect again. If does´t success – you can simply flash General Upgrade Firmware.

My Device is not prompting for SIMLOCK Code

      1. Connect your device to PC, so that you can access web-interface via otherwise connect trough wifi while remain connected to PC via USB port.
      2. Open web-interface via run Switch Mode application / script to get your device in COM ports mode and in this process, COM ports will be enabled.
      3. Download DC-Unlockerand install it.
      4. Now, detect the device under DC-Unlocker, which you have already downloaded. It will show the Application and Diagnostic ports and your device’s complete detail.
      5. Issue the following command:

(i). Connect the modem or the router to the PC via a USB-cable and wait till complete the software (coming with device) installation. Usually, when you first time connect the device to a PC, you have the CDROM separate section that contains the software installation.
(ii). The result of this step is to identify the device in Device Manager under “Modems” and the “Ports (COM & LPT)”.
(iii). If you run the software to connect to the Internet, such as Dashboard / Connect Manager, etc., before using Huawei 2015 Code Reader – close it.

If you get OK in the screen, then you have successfully unlocked your device forever.

Note : Replace UNLOCK CODE with your code corresponding to the IMEI.

I am not able to install driver, nothing happens when I try to install. I complete 4 steps can’t access to

Let’s see your device manager, if you see something like this:

Driver Installation

Of course this is a OS bug. Huawei Mobile Connect is not an USB-controller. You should delete this device from device manager and than reinstall device. If your device is already in COM ports mode after downgrade – you should go to  step 7 (Install drivers) or to the next step (if already have drivers installed).

Important: You can send comments and Suggestions to improvement unlocking complication here, it will be appreciated.

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