How to use Any Android SmartPhone as Modem on Computer

If you have a android smartphone it’s time you can utilize it as modem with your computer or laptop. By using android smartphone as the modem, it will be faster than using ordinary modems. Following our guideline will guide you, how to use smartphone as a modem with the computer / laptop.

USB Connection Tethering & Portable hotspot

Tools and materials

  • Devices Android smartphones that can still be used
  • A USB cable that support with computer / laptop / PC (prefer to have original that come with phone).
  • Make sure you have a internet package in the smartphone that can be reused and active.
Tethering & Portable HotspotTutorial How To Quickly Changing Android into a Modem On the Computers:
  1. The first you have to do is connect your Android smartphone with the PC / computer by using data cable / USB
  2. After, it is connected please select the wireless option and network / more on your android smartphones.
  3. You later will then appear several options such as Tethering & Portable hotspot
  4. If your USB already connected it will display options USB Tethering
  5. Enable the option the with checklist with a tick
  6. Finish means the already completed
Cara Menjadikan Android Sebagai Modem USB KomputerThus How to Make a Android SmartPhone a Modem on Computer, make it easy enough how to create android phone, to be a modem in your computer or laptop? your can use in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 10.