How to Use and Configure Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard

Huawei has launched different versions of mobile partners time to time. We want to introduce you with Mobile Partner s its a program that can be used to connect to the Internet with any modem Huawei (old & new) algorithm, the connection software is compatible with all Windows operating systems XP / Vista / 7/8/10 , Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu).

Huawei wi-fi mobile partner
Mobile Partner v. which is Developed by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. offers many advantages and features. In this version the ergonomics of the application has been redesigned to offer users a more dynamic interface. After you download and install Mobile Partner v., you can access and make WiFi Hotspot in your computer, run Mobile Partner to access this interface.

To connect to the Internet you must configure the connection manager Mobile Partner, click Settings (1) -> Settings Preferences (2) to access the options panel.


Click on ” Profile Management ” (3) – ” New ” (4) Then enter the name of your service in ” Profile Name .” (5) Options for the name of the access point and authentication are variables for each operator, request this information from your operator or do an internet search. ” NPC ” (6), enter the name of the network access point for your carrier. ” access Number ” (7), enter * 99 **** 1 # or * 99 # . for most operators ‘ Username ‘ (8) and ” Password ” (9) can be left blank or filled in. Click ” Save ” (10) -> ” OK” (11) to return at the interface of Huawei Mobile Partner dashboard. Click ” Connect ” to establish the internet connection then on Disconnect “to stop your session.


1- by default your home page is: www.huaweidevice. , you are redirected to this page whenever the connection is established but you can disable this option: Settings -> Preference settings -> General : uncheck the Show Home page on connection

Mobile-Partner_options (1)
2- The type of signal depends on your network coverage and to enjoy a quality broadband internet connection, it is important that WCDMA Only is selected in the network parameters.

Mobile-Partner_options (2)

3 Mobile Partner allows for detailed information about your modem, go to: Settings -> Operation -> Diagnostics
mobile partner4- Another enhancement in this version is that you can change the manager Mobile Partner wallpaper depending on your preference

Mobile-PartnerYou can use Mobile Partner v23. to share your Internet connection with multiple computers or equipped with a Wi-Fi device unit. The connection software also allows you to send and receive SMS from your computer.