How to Unlock Permanently Locked Huawei E5330 with Firmware

There are a lot of people, who are facing problem in unlocking their Huawei E5330 Mobile Wifi Hotspot due to its zero unlocking attempts and they are unable to get it unlocked. They are constantly looking for its solution, how to reset unlock counter of Huawei modems but find no solution. In this article we are going to introduce a safe and handy solution to restore unlocking attempts of the modems which comes by-default with 0 unlocking attempts and have no chance to get it unlocked, hence they called Permanently Locked Modems.

huawei E wifiAll these people hold there breath and welcome this article, we are going to answer all these questions?

  • Have you entered wrong unlock code 10 time and wasted your unlocking chance to unlock the modem?
  • Have you received a modem with unlock code attempt counter at 0 (zero)?
  • When you try unlock your modem, it says modem unlocked permanently.
  • Are you looking to reset your modem unlock counter?
  • Are you worried about your zero counter to get it unlock?

There are two scenarios of modems having permanently locked i.e.

(i)  Zero counter as a result of customized firmware
(ii)  Zero counter as a result of wrong code entered

(i) Zero counter as a result of customized firmware

The modems that come by-default with zero counter actually they have customized firmware which show 0 attempts remaining out of 10. It does not stop even here, to more secure its broadband modem security, many operator today are offering modems with customized WebUI. The modems with customized WebUI do not ask for unlock code and also they do not show status of modem, just show a message “The Device is Permanently Locked to —- Network”.

The unlock counter of these modems can easily be restore just by flashing an appropriate and generic firmware on your modem. Now, the question is how, when and which firmware flash to choose which will work for your device. Just chill and look into this example:

Suppose you have Huawei modem E5330Bs-2 with customized firmware version and the modem show its unlocking attempts remaining 0 out of 10.

Now to restore counter of this modem, you have to choose its generic firmware of the same modem i.e. The first three variants of firmware version should be exactly the same as on your modem.

Huawei E5330Bs-2 firmware flashing in progress

Huawei E5330Bs-2 firmware flashing is complete

Congratulations, you have successfully done firmware update for your modem and it will restore unlocking counter of your modem. Modems that permanently locked due to manually entered wrong codes may or may not reset their counter with this method but you can try this alternate method for resetting unlock counter of Huawei modems.

Note: If generic firmware for your exact modem is not available then you can use firmware for its sister model ,  in most cases it works fine, there may be a rare case it don’t work.

e.g. You have modem Huawei E5330Bs-2 and generic firmware is not available for it. The available firmware is for Huawei E5330Bs-6 then you can use it but if available firmware is for Huawei E5330As-2 then you cannot use it with E5330Bs-2 because it may or may not work.

How to Unlock Huawei E5330 Mobile Wifi Hotspot and Where to Get Genuine Unlock Codes?

After you successfully restored unlocking attempts of your modem from 0 to 10, now your modem is in a position to get it unlocked. Its the time to get unlock code for your modem, you can get Huawei Factory Unlock Code that are 100% working with your modem from here. Don’t take risk and always buy genuine unlock codes.

Generic Firmware for Huawei E5330

Here are some Generic Firmware for Huawei E5330 sub/sister models i.e.  E5330As-2, E5330Bs-2, E5330Bs-6

  • Huawei E5330As-2 Firmware Version Download
  • Huawei E5330 Firmware Version  Download
  • Huawei E5330Bs-6 Firmware Version Download
  • Huawei E5330Bs Firmware Version Download
  • Huawei E5330 Universal WebUI Version Download
  • Huawei E5330 Original WebUI with USSD Support  Download

(ii) Zero counter as a result of wrong code entered

If the above method fails to restore your unlocking hope, then don’t worry there is a green signal still available yes that is the DC-Unlocker direct unlocking method

  1. If you are getting error code like “Error 42 or 40” then your modem is permanently locked and forget about its counter reset. Now it can only be unlocked with direct unlock method by dc-unlocker
  2. Buy Dc Unlocker Credits from Dc Unlocker Website and unlock your modem (after buying credits you will received user name & Password)
  3. You can use this login information to direct unlock your modem (also unlock zero counter modems)

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