How to Share Internet connection of Huawei Modems with Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard

With the help of this step-by-step guide, you can learn how to share internet connection from your Huawei USB 3G / 4G with the help of Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard v. without use of any additional third party hotspot software. This connection manager is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems, Linux and Mac.


Huawei wi-fi mobile partner

Unlike earlier versions, WiFi Hotspot functionality is added to the Mobile Partner Version of
Wi-Fi Hotspot Software to create a wireless network for free with any Huawei modem, the application requires a computer with internal or external wifi card but also an operating system: → Windows XP SP3 → Windows Vista SP2 → Windows Seven SP1 or higher You must create a profile (APN) and in Mobile Partner for details about the configuration procedure , see the article on. HERE
Mobile Partner v. share your Internet connection, click the icon Wi-Fi (1) Dashboard Mobile Partner.


You can protect your Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g) with WPA2-PSK key, enter a password (2) 8 to 63 characters. To activate WiFi Hotspot service of your wireless network, click Start (3). Make sure you have a broadband Internet connection to allow your friends, colleagues and neighbors to enjoy optimum connection quality.

Wifi enabled normal Blue indicates WiFi enabled connections. Grey means you are offline Wifi disabled hover

You can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi devices, however, the utility does not accept mobile phones as devices like android Blackberry, Amazon Kindles, etc.

WiFi-Hotspot-setup (1)

To limit the number of devices to connect, click Settings > Settings Preferences > Wi-Fi Hotspot (4). Select the desired number (5), and click OK (6).

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Mobile Partner 23 Wi-Fi Hotspot