How to Rewrite or Repair Serial # of Huawei Algo V4 Internet Devices

[sociallocker id=3487]Like International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or IMEI, the Serial Number of any device is also a unique set of alpha-numeric digits to identify the device by its provider or operator.

So don’t try to change serial # from another device because duplication in serial number is not tolerate-able in any case and a device with wrong serial number is perfectly illegal to operate many countries. It can also cause your data connection to be terminated with immediate effect after its detection by the service provider.

Hence, legal obligations necessitates it to restore lost serial number of your device, which is lost whatever the case. As some people lost it due to wrong firmware flashing or during needle / boot short unlocking process that may erase NV data of your modem. It means, if serial number is incorrect on a device, it is still in half-dead state but it can be repaired and re-used without any problem.

In this article, we will guide you regarding restoring / repairing lost serial number of your old and latest models of huawei modems including E5573, E5577, E3372h, etc.

Restoring / Repairing / Changing Serial Number of HUAWEI MODEMS)

1. Detect device under DC unlocker software.

2. Get your Datalock Code/OEM Code corresponding with your device IMEI and NV record (only applicable in case of Huawei Algo V4 latest devices).

3. Execute following AT command in DC-unlocker:

AT^DATALOCK=”datalock code” (with quotes)

Press enter from keyboard.

Response will be OK.

Note: Replace 8-digit datalock code according to your IMEI or 00000000 or 99999999 whatever you choose.

Attention: Now you are in very sensitive area of your modem records i.e. NV data and you can run any supported commands here.

4. To repair or restore original serial number printed on your device, first you will need to convert serial # into hexadecimal value as explained in picture below.

How to convert your serial number into hexadecimal value, lets see an example”

Suppose your modem device serial number is R7EDW15323000314, its converted hexadecimal value which is 52 37 45 44 57 31 35 33 32 33 30 30 30 33 31 34.

You can see serial number in picture below is wrong

dc-unlocker-unlocking-e8372-with-wrong-serial-number5. Now execute following AT command in DC-unlocker:

AT^NVWR=6,20,52 37 45 44 57 31 35 33 32 33 30 30 30 33 31 34 FF FF FF FF

Press enter from keyboard.

Response will be OK

Note: This modified hexadecimal AT-Command value will be different for every device according to its Serial #.

6. Now Execute this AT command and your device will restart


DC-unlocker-unlocking-E8372-with-complete-device-information-but-wrong-Serial-NumberYou can see in picture below, original serial number has been restored successfully. Now you can use it without any legal obligation.

DC-unlocker-unlocking-E8372-with-complete-device-information and correct Serial Number restoredNote: If you are interested in permanently restore original Serial # of your device, you can get its modified hexadecimal AT-Command value according to Serial # from here. [/sociallocker]

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