How to Reset or Restore Huawei Modems and Routers to Factory Defaults

In many cases, we need to reset or restore our modems and routers to their factory defaults. Sometime because of disturbance in device settings or due to facing some connection problems or sometime we forget admin password of device, whatever the case is.

Here in this article, we will guide you about the Huawei devices which come with USB port (wingle, mifi cloud, mobile hotspot, wifi router, etc.)

There are two methods to reset or restore your modem or router to its factory defaults i.e. soft method and hard method, in both methods no additional tool is required:

Soft Method

This method facilitates you to reset your modem from the comfort of its web interface without touching the hardware of modem. You just need to login (default user name: admin & password: admin) from web interface of your device and go to and on left sidebar click on Restore Defaults (1) and then on right side click on Restore button (2) , your device will restart and this reboot will result in resetting the settings of your modem to its factory defaults. Just have a look at screenshot.

Huawei Modem Reset to Factory Defaults Soft Method

Hard Method

This method will not facilitates like soft method and in this method you have to uncover your device and find a Reset button which is usually located besides the battery or near outer side of modem body. You just need to follow these simple steps by having a look at screenshot:

Huawei Modem Reset to Factory Defaults Hard MethodHow to Reset or Restore Huawei Modems and Routers to their Factory Defaults:

1. Switch ON your modem or router device or plugin to USB port (in case of wingle).

2. Open the back side cover of your modem or router.

3. Now you will find the hard Reset button beside the battery of your router as you can see in the above screenshot.

4. In case of modem or router having battery, make sure that its at-least 20% charged.

5. Now press and hold the Reset button for 3-5 seconds with something like a common pin or something other which is available.

6. Now your Huawei modem or router will automatically restart.

7. This reboot will erase all user modified settings & information and it will reset your modem or router to its default state and factory settings, your default user name and password might be admin.

By using this guide, you can reset almost all latest Huawei modems and routers, else but those having LAN port option but you can use soft method for these devices. In our next article we will guide you on resetting having  LAN port option.

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