How to Get Free SPC Code for Huawei or ZTE CDMA Modems

How to Get Free SPC Code for Huawei or ZTE CDMA Modems:

1. Download DFS CDMA Tool V3.1.0.1

2. Now extract the downloaded zip file in a folder.

3. Now plug your CDMA Huawei or ZTE modem, for which you want to get the SPC code.

4. Now check the COM port on which your modem is connected, how to check the COM port of the modem check here.

5. Now run DFS.exe file from the DFS folder which you have already downloaded.

6. Now click on Manager from left side and double click on the port and now your modem will be connected to DFS CDMA tool.

DFS Manager

7. Now DFS tool will start reading your CDMA modem info and it will start updating the data as in screenshot.

8. After around 2 minute , when data will be updated in DFS CDMA tool, click on Memory tab.

9. Here in left side in Type “RAM” will be visible.

10. Click on drop down and change the “RAM” to “CEFS” as it is available in above screenshot.

dfs CEFS

11. Now from menu click on read button.

12. Now on right top below the type double click on SPC.

13. Now on the right side of SPC, SPC1 will come.

14. Double click on SPC 1.

15. Now in the main screen, SPC code will be appear, as highlighted in the above screenshot.

16. Now you have got the Correct SPC code, now follow the rest of procedure to unlock your modem.