Payment Methods?

Following Payment Methods are currently supported:

  1. PayPal (recommended),
  2. Web Money,
  3. Skrill
  4. Payza,
  5. Payoneer
  6. Google Wallet,
  7. Perfect Money,
  8. Bank Transfer,
  9. Debit or Credit Cards


Before purchase order, you can confirm payment details if other than PayPal


Payment can be made by any of the options advertised on our website. Payment shall be due before delivery. If payment fails your order will be cancelled. There will be no delivery until clear funds have been received.

Unlocking Refunds

Due to the nature of unlocking, we are unable to offer a refund under any circumstances unless the unlock fails to work and evidence has been shown to support this. Please see the money back guarantee below.

The 100% Money back guarantee:

We will require evidence that the unlock has failed to work. This is usually in the form of a screen grab showing the unlock status of the device.

The guarantee does not apply if:

  • It does not apply if a customer has purchased the incorrect unlock. Please be very careful when selecting the modem you require unlocking! Many modems have very similar model names \ numbers.
  • It does not apply if the modem has exceeded its maximum unlock attempts.
  • It does not apply to modems that have been permanently blocked by the network.
  • It does not apply to damaged or faulty modems.
  • It does not apply if the modem has not been installed correctly e.g. software drivers have not been installed or any other essential software required for the computer and modem to communicate is not installed or not working correctly.