How to Enter Unlock Code in HUAWEI & VODAFONE MODEMS by Using Mobile Partner or Connection Manager and at^cardlock Command in DC-Unlocker

How to Enter Unlock Code in HUAWEI & VODAFONE MODEMS by Using Mobile Partner or Connection Manager

1. Insert a Foreign (not accepted sim card) into your modem.

2. Connect the modem to your PC.

3. Start Connection Manager software (Mobile Partner)

4. The software will ask you to enter Password/unlock code


5. Type the unlock code and Confirm

6. Your modem is now permanently unlocked


The modem does not ask for password when Not accepted sim card inserted. It only says Invalid SIM/USIM

Solution 1:

1. Download Huawei Mobile Partner ORIGINAL software from HERE and install

2. Insert Not accepted sim card into your modem and connect it to PC

3. STOP your customized Mobile Partner when its trying to launch and open the newly installed ORIGINAL Mobile Partner.

4. The ORIGINAL Mobile Partner will ask you for an Unlock Password/code.

5. Enter the unlock code and press OK to confirm

Solution 2: How to Unlock Huawei Modem / Router with Customized Mobile Partner / WebUI / Firmware?

Follow the below instructions step by step to direct enter the code:

1. Download Dc-unlocker programs from HERE

COM port2. Now, detect the device under DC-unlocker. It will show the Application and Diagnostic port and it will show your modem’s complete information. Means, you have correctly done above all the procedures.

DC-with-commandsInstruction: Disconnect Internet and close your mobile partner or WebUI

3. Issue the following command :

DC unlocker - unlockingAT^CARDLOCK?
AT^CARDLOCK: 1,10,0 ………… locked
AT^CARDLOCK: 2,10,0 ………… unlocked

AT^CARDLOCK=”25216417” where 25216417 is UNLOCK CODE

Note : Replace UNLOCK CODE with your unlock code corresponding to the IMEI.

Press Enter Key

If it responds OK then your modem is unlocked forever

After unlock instructions:

After you have successfully unlocked your modem, you can use it with any operator and sim card.

For every sim card and operator you will need to make a new Connection Profile with all the required setting like APN, DIAL number, etc.

After creating the desired profile for your sim card, make sure you have set that profile as DEFAULT.

Otherwise you will get ” ERROR 614 “ messsage when trying to connect to Internet