Huawei New Algo V4 Unlock Codes 100% Working on Supported Modems

Huawei latest internet devices can not be unlocked by just putting unlock code, like previous models of Huawei internet modems and routers manufactured till 2014. Hence, the unlock codes of Algorithm v1, v2, v3 (201) are useless in these devices. These devices come up with a new & different version of algorithm i.e. Algo V4 (2015). Unfortunately, at present […]

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Huawei Modem/Router Motherboard Schematic Diagrams – Boot Pin Points Marked

Schematic Diagram of Huawei Modem/Router will be helpful in unlocking process through Boot Short/ Needle Unlocking Method/ Repair your Bricked Devices.  Boot Short Method to Unlock Any Latest Huawei Modem/Router of Algo V4 Huawei E8372h Motherboard / Schematic Diagram with Boot Pin Point IndicatorsHuawei E3372h Motherboard / Schematic Diagram with Boot Pin Point IndicatorsHuawei E8377 [...]Read More »

Boot Short Method Using USBLOADER.BIN – Unlock Code 100% Working with Any Huawei Modem/Router of Algo V4

Emergency Firmware Recovery Method (Using Normal USBLoader.bin File) In this method when you boot short the device and flash USBloader.bin file on your device, it will accept downgrade/factory firmware but sometimes it creates an error like inappropriate firmware, so you need to select some alternate firmware. In result of this boot flash, your device NV data will be erased and after […]

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How to Reset or Restore Huawei Modems and Routers to Factory Defaults

In many cases, we need to reset or restore our modems and routers to their factory defaults. Sometime because of disturbance in device settings or due to facing some connection problems or sometime we forget admin password of device, whatever the case is. Here in this article, we will guide you about the Huawei devices which come with […]

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How to Install COM Ports of Huawei Hilink Modems

COM ports are of very importance and are used for different purposes but to enable COM ports is a little-bit tricky becasue in case of Non-Hilink modems its very easy, we just need to plug in modem and after its automatic drivers installation COM ports are enabled and are visible in device manager, at the […]

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How to Update or Flash Huawei Modem Firmware

There are a lot of reasons, we need to update our modem firmware but most of the people are newbie in this field and they don not even know from where to download firmware files and which firmware file is suitable for their modem. In this article, we will guide you from where to download and which […]

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How to Reset Unlock Counter of Huawei Modems

It is a big dilemma of our destiny that to save a very small & nominal amount of money, we take risk about our internet modems to get them unlock with free codes, for the purpose we try to search free unlock code generators / calculators over the internet and get some codes, sometime we get success but most […]

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